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Now that they were living apart, it seemed to Felix that he did much more with Shannon than he ever had while living together. About once a week, sometimes more frequently, one would suggest an outing to the other, and they would try some new restaurant, take in a performance, or discover some place new together. It was this newness that kept Felix curious and interested, wondering at what Shannon might try next. The time they spent living together seemed strangely quaint and prosaic now, a distant miasma of the same few wine bars, restaurants, and parties. Now, they ignored most of the friends they had made as a couple, and spent time only on one another.

Felix preferred this immensely. Alone with Shannon, he caught glimpses of that strange, indefinable thing he had been seeking ever since the two of them had agreed to try honesty in their relationship. Each tempting taste kept him coming back for more.

They toured the Royal Academy of Arts today, keeping mostly to the classic collections as was the preference of both, staying out of the way of school groups and tours. Felix lingered before a painting of Thor battling the Midgard Serpent, a glance at the subtle explanation plate nearby recalling the story to mind. "Very different from the modern interpretation of the god of thunder, isn't he," Felix mused while studying the painting.
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