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Elsewhere in the city this morning, a man had been found most gruesomely murdered. Among the photos and videos scattered around the macabre scene, a lifetime's collection of exploitation and horror, were photos of a red-haired boy around eleven or twelve. Thin, pale, almost heart-breakingly pretty even in sickening postures and positions, he could have been anyone among the dozens of anonymous children depicted.

Anyone, if the close-up photos of him gagged and frightened had not clearly shown one unusual amber eye, and one dead-pale blue eye.

Felix Harrowgate, of course, had no idea that Emmett Whitfordshire had been murdered and found in a coffin decorated in part by photographs of himself as a young boy. It was a perfectly normal day for him, arriving at the office which served as the public face of the Mirador Consulting Group. Neither the general public nor the group's exclusive clientele were ever allowed past the facade of reception and glass-walled conference areas into the workrooms beyond, so it was not terribly unusual to be summoned to the front of the office as part of one's day.

When told he had a visitor at reception, Felix emerged within just a few minutes, impeccably-dressed as always in pin-stripe trousers and waistcoat over a wine-red shirt. His sleeves were partly rolled up; he'd just come from crafting a new spell. The receptionist -- one of the newer apprentices, a recent member of one of Felix's own classes on spell grounding -- escorted him down to the lobby. Felix recognized Agent Hotchner immediately, and hesitated, sending the apprentice away with a small shooing motion.

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Hotch was grave, carrying a file folder held to his chest protectively. He watched Felix approach and though he'd heard from the man's own mouth that he'd suffered abuse, the photos he had now in his possession made it all too real.

He hated these child cases. He always thought of his son, of his brother. He couldn't help it.

But he watched Felix come closer and he had to view him as not only a victim but as a potential killer. This was unofficial, a courtesy. Scotland Yard hadn't identified all the children yet but Hotch had known. The eyes, the hair, he'd taken all the photos and said he'd build the profile.

And so he stood before Felix, his eyes hard and accusing.

"I need to speak with you privately," he said with force and urgency.

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"I want to make it clear I'm not here in any official capacity, Felix," he said, purposely using the man's first name to lighten the weight. He opened the folder and pulled out an eight by ten close up of the dead man, the head wound visible, as was an assortment of images of naked children.

"Do you have an alibi for your whereabouts last night?" he asked. And then rather than explain his reason for asking he laid down a glossy photograph of a young Felix.

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Hotch had interviewed many killers- psychopaths as well as people who had killed in passion or on accident. He had seldom seen such a visceral reaction and he knew immediately Felix wasn't his killer. Though proving that could still be difficult.

"Emmett Whitfordshire was found dead this morning," he replied. "He died of blunt force trauma to the head."

He was smart enough to know to with hold the rest- not just because of the official reasoning but because Felix didn't need to know. It would help nothing.

"Among the numerous photos, videos, and files were pictures of you. I collected them all and came here," he said. "They were photographed for evidence so I have to log them. I'm sorry for that. I know you'd like this to...not exist," he said gently. "Do you have an alibi?"

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"We don't know who did it. There is very little forensic evidence at the scene. And so...people who may be involved become suspect. That's the way these things work. Were you out with Shannon? Could he verify?" Hotch asked. His voice was warm and gentle, everything about him calming and understanding. Not an ounce of him suspected Felix of this but he was well versed in how criminal investigations played out.

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"I need to know where you were, Felix. There's enough CCTV...if we can only confirm..." Hotch said. Then he was quiet for just a moment. "I know these are intrusive questions but I'm trying to save you any official investigation."

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Hotch sighed with relief. "There will be cameras at the entrance. That will remove all doubt. Thank you Felix. And...I'm sorry to be the one to bring this to you today."

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Hotch nodded solemnly. "We have reason to believe he was sending the pictures to Shannon but the motive is unclear right now," he said simply.

"So...you can see why Scotland Yard is going to suspect you. It'll be cleared as soon as they check your alibi but there will be other officers coming around. Soon."

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"You could leave with me. Now. I could radio it in that you've volunteered a statement," Hotch said. "It'll keep them from coming to get you anywhere."

He was sensitive to the young man's plight. Victimized as a child, a position now that could easily be toppled by scandal, and Shannon to think of as well. Hotch was more than ready to handle this delicately.

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Hotch could see Felix was under duress but he was a good judge of people and he was sure the man would indeed meet him. He gathered everything up and nodded once.

"I'll see you outside, Felix," he said, then touched the man's arm. "This will all get sorted out."


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