Jun. 20th, 2015

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Elsewhere in the city this morning, a man had been found most gruesomely murdered. Among the photos and videos scattered around the macabre scene, a lifetime's collection of exploitation and horror, were photos of a red-haired boy around eleven or twelve. Thin, pale, almost heart-breakingly pretty even in sickening postures and positions, he could have been anyone among the dozens of anonymous children depicted.

Anyone, if the close-up photos of him gagged and frightened had not clearly shown one unusual amber eye, and one dead-pale blue eye.

Felix Harrowgate, of course, had no idea that Emmett Whitfordshire had been murdered and found in a coffin decorated in part by photographs of himself as a young boy. It was a perfectly normal day for him, arriving at the office which served as the public face of the Mirador Consulting Group. Neither the general public nor the group's exclusive clientele were ever allowed past the facade of reception and glass-walled conference areas into the workrooms beyond, so it was not terribly unusual to be summoned to the front of the office as part of one's day.

When told he had a visitor at reception, Felix emerged within just a few minutes, impeccably-dressed as always in pin-stripe trousers and waistcoat over a wine-red shirt. His sleeves were partly rolled up; he'd just come from crafting a new spell. The receptionist -- one of the newer apprentices, a recent member of one of Felix's own classes on spell grounding -- escorted him down to the lobby. Felix recognized Agent Hotchner immediately, and hesitated, sending the apprentice away with a small shooing motion.


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