Nov. 10th, 2015


Nov. 10th, 2015 01:10 pm
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The dark-haired, dark-eyed vampire had no difficulty at all seducing the wizard that night. Felix had made it easy, fulfilling every expectation that more physically powerful men had about someone like him. They presumed him physically weak, emotionally susceptible to flattering attention, and primarily concerned with physical beauty. What was more, this tempting stranger had seen his picture on the gossip blogs, and clearly expected him to be sexually available to anyone who asked.

Playing to expectations meant Felix had to put forth very little effort for a pretty fellow he never intended to see again. He barely had to play at all, speaking of nothing consequential, smiling when required, and stroking the stranger's ego whenever possible. He didn't even have to suggest a nearby hotel in the entertainment district, close enough to Felix's apartment that he could still make it home after this tryst. This man seemed nearly capable of reading his mind.

They didn't make it to the hotel. They barely made it a block from the lounge where Felix had met him. Faster than Felix could react, faster than he could even see, he was snatched from the sidewalk and plunged into the shadows between two buildings. His back was shoved up against a brick wall and the stranger's unnatural strength kept him pinned. But when the man's black eyes held his and his low, smoky voice began murmuring hypnotic suggestions, Felix finally understood he'd stumbled across someone he couldn't control.

A wizard's mind is stronger than most, and Felix's mind, shaped by the tutelage of a sorcerer more monster than man, was particularly well-fortified. He fought against the mental suggestion that he sleep, forget, surrender to pleasure... but this was not magic seeping into his mind, and he had no resources but brute mental strength to resist it.

Electricity crackled, weakly, between Felix's fingers, his hands pinned to the wall. Even his magic was sluggish to respond under the telepathic assault.


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