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Felix had been missing since leaving work on the evening of October 31. His phone went to voice mail, texts went unanswered, and he did not return home to the flat. While it was not entirely unusual for Felix to absent himself from all contact for awhile (typically while buried in the Mirador's Archive reading something he couldn't put down), this time turned out to be markedly different.

Early in the morning on November the first, the front door of Felix and Shannon's flat rattled once, then burst open with a muffled crack. Felix spilled through the door and slammed it shut, leaving a faint trail of smoke in his wake. The smoke was spilling from the mangled, melted and ruined front door knob, which Felix had all but exploded with a burst of magic when the locked door had first presented itself in his own personal nightmare.

Panting, ragged, filthy, Felix stared at the tidy and welcoming entry of his own flat, wide-eyed. Somewhere he had lost his shoes, his jacket, and any decorative accoutrement, and stood barefoot dressed in the ruins of his shirt and trousers which he'd worn to work the previous day. He shivered, and clung to the door, trembling and half-disbelieving that he truly was home.

"Sh... Shannon?" he croaked, barely above a whisper

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Shannon had spent his Halloween searching for his lover. At first he'd chalked Felix's tardiness to the usual: Felix has gotten lost once again. The wizard, though brilliant, was frequently the victim of wrong turns. It was part of his charm, but more importantly, he always managed to turn up eventually, complaining about Google maps or some such thing, and all would be well for the rest of the evening.

He'd never shown last night.

After a while amusement had turned to annoyance, and then to worry. Shannon briefly entertained the fantasy that Felix was with someone else. He quickly squashed that idea, but the fury it had ignited warmed him for a while in his search. In the early morning hours, he'd finally given up. He was chilled to the bone and had found no sign of Felix. He had to believe Felix would come home. He returned to their apartment. He kicked his shoes off his sore feet and tumbled wearily into bed. Conflicting emotions kept him awake and restless. It wasn't until sunlight began to lighten the sky that he'd finally fallen asleep. Needless to say, when he woke to the sound of the door knob exploding he was in a less-than-pleasant mood.

A bed rumpled Shannon stormed out of the bedroom, tying a robe around his waist. "Where the hell have you been?" he snapped, the cocktail of emotions from the night before unleashing into the familiar Teverius temper. "Wha-" catching sight of Felix he stopped mid-stride. "What happened to you?" he asked, his words still coming in a rush, though concern now threaded through them.

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Even a mess, Shannon had expected a good excuse from Felix. His brow furrowed at the inarticulate answer. His lover truly was distraught.

He stepped forward and helped Felix stand. "You're a mess," he said. "Let's get you into a shower and get you cleaned up." As he guided Felix toward the bathroom he asked, "where are your shoes?"

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None of what Felix said made sense. It worried Shannon, as did the slow, hobbling steps they took toward the bathroom. "You're home now," he said, reassuring himself as well as Felix. "You're safe."

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"Of course I was," Shannon said. "You stood me up." He didn't mention that he'd been worried sick and hadn't slept because of it. "Don't worry," he added, "I'll punish you for it later." His promise was teasing, but also true. Relief had only partially soothed the stress of the previous night, and a part of him still wanted to rail at Felix because of it.

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Something in Shannon's chest fluttered at the thought of Felix trying so hard to come home to him. It eased more of the worries away.

He flicked on the bathroom light as they entered "Can you undress while I get the water running?" he asked, propping Felix against the counter.

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Shannon looked at Felix in alarm, his hand frozen on the shower faucet. "Yes," he said. "Powers Felix, if you had been gone more than one night, I would have had all of London on the hunt for you." He turned away and resumed turning on the shower as he added in a quiet murmur, "I almost did as it is."

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Shannon looked up at his lover's face and suddenly their close proximity wasn't enough. He reached out and placed a hand on Felix's chest as if to verify that Felix was real. "Say that again," he said.

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That flutter returned and it distracted Shannon from the worry, at least for the moment. Shannon reached up with his free hand, and pulled Felix down for a kiss. The familiar touch of his lover's lips against his own was more reassuring than anything else. "I'm taking a shower with you," he whispered.

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"I'm just getting started," Shannon replied before kissing Felix again.

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Shannon assisted, and together they managed to divest him of his clothing. They fumbled their way into the shower, still kissing. Shannon gasped at the first touch of steamy hot water against his skin. He melted beneath it, letting it ease muscles he hadn't known were still tense. He pulled Felix closer, standing on his toes to continue their kiss as they both stood beneath the spray.

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Shannon moaned in response. If it was possible to press even closer together, Shannon did. "Touch me, Felix," he panted between kisses, his mouth barely parting from his lover's to speak.

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Shannon sighed at that first touch, but it quickly turned into a frustrated growl. His hips rocked forward, searching for more friction. "More," he demanded. "Tighter."

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"Yes," the word was a breathless whisper. Shannon's eyes drifted closed from the pleasure of Felix's touch and he moaned. It was perfect.

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"I always want you," Shannon whispered. He opened his eyes and looked at Felix. His lids were heavy, lost in pleasure, but he remembered an indulgence Felix had shown him, one so simple yet exquisite. "Stop," he said, echoing his words with a hand on Felix's. His body ached in protest, and he quickly maneuvered Felix's hand so that they were both wrapped inside it. The touch of Felix's hard length against his own made him moan, and his eyes closed once more. "Now," he said, his need making the word an order. "Move now."

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Shannon's knees felt weak and he clung to Felix to keep upright. It wouldn't be long before sensation overwhelmed him. The world melted away until nothing remained but pleasure and the need for release.

"Felix, kiss me."

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Shannon opened his mouth and devoured Felix's kiss. Their tongues tangled, and it was enough to push Shannon over the edge. He moaned into Felix' mouth with his orgasm, only breaking the kiss when he was spent. Panting, he leaned against his lover, unable to stand on his own.

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The silence between them was peaceful, broken only by the sound of the falling water. Shannon wasn't angry any more and the worry had left him, but Felix still needed to make it up to him. "If you had plans today cancel them," he said, his head still resting on Felix's shoulder. "I want to spend the day together, just the two of us."

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Shannon smiled. "A full day in bed? Whatever will we do?" he teased.

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"I thought you were already mine," Shannon said.

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Shannon's smile brightened at this statement. He was reluctant to pull away, but, slowly, he did and reached for the loofah and body wash. "We should get you cleaned up," he said. The sooner they washed, the sooner they could get into bed. He did remember Felix's hobbling and knew Felix shouldn't be on his feet. Shannon didn't want him falling asleep in the shower either.

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Shannon did a cursory washing of Felix's body, more concerned with finishing before Felix collapsed than making his lover's body pristine. He wouldn't be able to carry an unconscious Felix to bed on his own. Once he was done he quickly dried them both off and guided his lover directly to bed. He didn't even have to tell Felix to go to sleep before the other man was drifting off.

Felix was safely home. The exhaustion from his own sleepless night was catching up to him now that he no longer needed to worry. In a moment of brilliance, he grabbed a delivery menu and schedule for food to arrive when he estimated they would wake up. Then he slid beneath the covers, placed a possessive hand on Felix's hip and went to sleep.


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