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Meet me for a drink after work, darling?

The text pinged Alcuin's phone mid-afternoon that Friday, in just enough time to be considerate of any other plans the young man might have, accompanied by a GPS link indicating a trendy martini bar not too far from the University Felix knew Alcuin attended. Felix was going there regardless, but having Alcuin to talk with and gaze at would greatly enhance his happy hour.

He was still dressed from work when he arrived at the bar -- The Mirador Agency did not observe casual Fridays -- in his adored mixed-media jacket and pinstripe trousers. Felix quickly secured a high-top table with two spindly modern chairs, dropped his satchel in one, and settled himself in the other to see if Alcuin would take him up on his invitation.

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Alcuin was a touch surprised to see the text from Felix. He hadn't spoken to him since New Year's Eve, which of course had ended for Alcuin less than ideally. He had also, even before he'd been drugged, been rather upset with Felix. And talking to Hannibal about it had only made it worse, since Hannibal seemed to judge Felix even more harshly for his behavior.

But in truth, Alcuin was not the sort to hold grudges with people he cared about, for one thing, and for another, he cared enough for Felix to talk to him about it anyway. And he certainly wouldn't be so rude as to turn down the invitation.

So he appeared in the bar only a few minutes later than the indicated time. He immediately adored Felix's jacket. It would be easier to be cross with him if he weren't so appealing.

"Hi," he said with a slightly weak smile, sliding into the other seat.

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Felix was, of course, perfectly charming. It was easy to forget any bad will.

"Thank you," was all he said as he sat down, and then a waiter came by and Alcuin asked for the same thing Felix was having. Then he said, "It was a bit of a long day, but I'm glad for the weekend. How have you been since I saw you last?"

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Alcuin blinked at him, clearly a bit taken aback. He, of course, was thinking about what had happened to him at the end of the night. "Did... did someone tell you what happened?" He wasn't sure who would have; if Hannibal had run into Felix, he surely would have mentioned something.

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This of course made Alcuin wonder what Felix had been referring to instead, but of course was preoccupied with deciding how to answer this question. "I - " He hesitated. Then finally just told the truth. "Someone slipped something into my drink. Probably GHB."

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With that, a large amount of the upset Alcuin had been feeling towards Felix dissipated.

He wasn't sure what Felix intended to do with his phone, surely not call the police or something like that, but Alcuin reached across the table and laid a hand gently on his arm anyway.

"I'm fine. I was fortunate. A, ah - a friend of Hannibal's saw me acting strangely before anything happened."

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Alcuin shook his head. "No, Kersen took care of me and took me to Hannibal, and his companion, ah - apparently did something to attempt to dissuade my would-be assailant from such action in the future."

He wasn't entirely certain what could be done by the club's owner to prevent such things, but Alcuin was grateful to Felix for caring and wanting to do something.

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"Go where?" Alcuin asked, arching an eyebrow. "Out of your sight? I dare say Shannon would have had something to say about that. He had something to say regardless."

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"I only hope that he was more upset with you than with me,," Alcuin said, and then sighed. "I don't meant to dredge it up. I just hate that Shannon was upset. And I once walked in on Hannibal having sex with someone - though the difference was that he didn't know I was there, and that is a very important difference."

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Alcuin did think he saw. And followed what he had observed of the two of them. But what he said was, "Your relationship is none of my business. But I don't want you using me to get to him. It's not fair."

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And Alcuin's expression softened a little. "I know," he said gently. "And I don't think that that's the only reason you kissed me, clearly. But I just don't want our relationship to be the stick that you use to poke him. It's already difficult for me knowing that it makes him unhappy when we're together." And if Alcuin were a better person maybe he'd insist on breaking it off.

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Alcuin shook his head. "That isn't necessary as far as I'm concerned, but I would like you to be respectful of Shannon in whatever way you think appropriate." Knowingly kissing Alcuin in front of him was clearly over that line, and they both knew it.

Alcuin took a drink, and then hesitated before saying, "And I suppose I should tell you, on the subject of Hannibal, I'm afraid you gave him the impression that you think him a dirty old man. Not that he said so in so many words."

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Alcuin wasn't surprised to hear that it wasn't all one-sided; he knew well enough that Hannibal wasn't perfect, and that he had a temper. And that he had issues with Felix.

"I'm regretful to hear that the two of you aren't getting on," he said quietly. "I hope you know that you mean a great deal to me, Felix."

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"And I don't want anything to come in between us," Alcuin said gently, looking grateful for a moment at the confession.

Things that might come between them were Shannon, or Hannibal, or... quite likely, Felix himself.

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Alcuin shook his head. "No. He's suggested nothing of the sort." Alcuin only got the impression that Hannibal wanted to caution him to be careful, which... was never bad advice, regardless. "But even if it he did, it would be out of worry for me and not jealousy. I am more concerned about Shannon. Especially if he... if he asked if you were in love with me."

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Alcuin found himself not as surprised by that confession as perhaps he ought to have been. Falling in love with you would be easy. That part, just the blanket statement of it, did surprise him a little, maybe. As far as he knew, Hannibal was the first person to ever fall in love with him. Because, if he stopped back and thought about it... he wasn't sure that Anafiel had been. Was he easy to love? It was hard to think about.

"I'm not sure that I think that love is something that only happens one person at a time," Alcuin said after a moment. As for whether that meant that he thought Felix might love him, or that he loved Felix, or anything else specific, was unclear.

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"He said as much," Alcuin said quietly, with a little nod, though he was sad to see Felix look pained for it. "I did tell him that you are fortunate to have someone who loves you so very much."

He paused, and then after a second said, "If I were a more manipulative person, I might suggest that it would be in your best interest to nudge Shannon into an enjoyable sexual encounter with someone else."

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"... because you don't think that you are?" Alcuin guessed gently.

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Alcuin almost asked him if he meant physically or emotionally, but he thought perhaps the answer was both.

"I wish that I could offer help," Alcuin said after a moment. Being gentle with someone was something he understood very well, actually. "But I do not think that Shannon would want mine."

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"There's no sense in laying blame," Alcuin said gently. "I only wish things were different, is all. Just as I wish that you and Hannibal were getting along... though I feel as if that one is more likely to be rectified."

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Alcuin was pretty sure that what Hannibal actually thought Felix was, was highly, highly damaged. And sometimes Alcuin was afraid that Hannibal thought the same of him.

He offered a little smile, an attempt at levity. "You get used to it," he said, and took a drink. "I probably should have gone into therapy years ago, after all. I'm surprised Anafiel didn't throw me at a child psychologist when I was twelve."

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Alcuin shook his head. "No, not exactly. Even when we first met I think we both knew that my being a patient of his would be a bad idea. But he of course has his insights. It can be unsettling at times." Pause. "And of course, he isn't always right."

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The drink was a little stronger than Alcuin had expected, but given the turn of the conversation he wasn't complaining.

"He's been right and he's been wrong," Alcuin said. "Same as with me."


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