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The door to the flat unlocked and opened without a touch like all the rest, opening onto a small vestibule that broadened into the living area. Felix's library, a dining area, and a kitchen that looked too pristine to be often used were just visible from the front door. Clearly the residents here preferred modern and comfortable to plush and ostentatious, but everything in the flat was doubtless expensive.

"As is anyone's life, I presume," Felix answered Fin as they came inside. Then he called, sounding a little strained, "Shannon? Are you home? I've got Fin with me."

It was early for Felix to have returned from work, though much later than when he and Finlay had stumbled through the portal that day. He sounded tired, like he'd been shouting, and seemed not fully aware that there were grass stains on his trousers and a few tiny leaves still clinging to his shirt and hair.

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Fin? Why was Fin in their apartment? Shannon made sure he was presentable before he emerged from the bedroom. "You didn't tell me we were having company tonight," he said, his smooth cheer hiding a sharper edge he fully planned to show to Felix later for bringing home an unexpected guest.

The sight of Felix and Fin made his mask falter. "What in the name of all the powers happened to you?" he exclaimed.

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Fin glanced over at Felix, taking in the state of him, before looking down at himself. They were, honestly, quite the mess. Fin, who usually managed to look deliberately disheveled, looked like he'd been dragged backwards through a hedge. While Felix, who always looked so well put together, looked like he'd been dragged through the same hedge, and maybe shoved down a hill for good measure.

"Umm, well, you see..." Fin trailed off, not even sure where to start, before glancing over at Felix. Fin worked better off page, but Felix always seemed to have words.

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Shannon raised an eyebrow, conveying just what he thought of Felix's request, but he wouldn't make a scene in front of a guest. "Don't move." He turned and headed back into the bedroom to fetch brushes and towels. No one was bleeding as far as he could see which he supposed was a good thing, but if Felix thought Fin's presence would protect him from Shannon's wrath to whatever he had to share, he should know better.

He returned in a few moments with the items and handed them to Fin and Felix. "Clean up. I'll get us some drinks." Before heading into the kitchen he asked, "How strong do these drinks need to be?"

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Felix was, honestly, quite intimidating all by himself- No matter how impish and playful Fin might be around him on occasion, there was always that little part of him looking for approval from the wizard. A part of him that didn't want him to dissaprove. Felix and Shannon, however? Intimidating really didn't cover it. It was like being called to the Headmaster's office, only to find the head boy waiting there as well.

"Extremely," the young fae said quickly. "I can't speak for Felix, but I'd like something stiffer than a-"

He cut himself off, deciding this might not be the right audience for crude humor, and he laughed awkwardly before trailing off and reaching to pick a twig from Felix's hair.

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Shannon's annoyance at having an unwanted guest only heightened when Fin had the gall to casually touch Felix as if he had every right. He turned on his heel and stormed into the kitchen before he he could do something he- No, he wouldn't regret it but it may cause complications later, particularly if Felix liked Fin.

He fetched some glasses and a bottle of bourbon and brought them back into the living room. "You may have mentioned something of the sort," he said as he poured the drinks for everyone. "It's very different than yours if I remember correctly."

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Fin was fidgeting, still holding the twig he'd plucked from Felix's hair. He could stand in front of a massive crowd and act like no one was watching, but the anxiety that came when faced with engaging with people he still perceived as above him somehow- Classier, better educated, better stock all around- Well, it was worse than any stage fright he'd ever pushed through.

Awkwardly, he waited until they were both looking away to drop the twig and kick it well out of sight.

Just fake it, he reminded himself. It's what you do best.

"Quite different, yeah. Felix's magic is of a wizarding variety, mine's of the fae sort," he said, failing to find confidence but faking it well with a smile. "Also, Felix has the benefit of being well versed in his, and I'm still quite the amateur, honestly. ...As I am at most everything, really," he added with a warm little laugh.

Taking a calm breath, he focused his magic enough to tidy himself up. It wasn't any sort of spell he'd perfected, like most of his magic it was just intuition and focus. It worked though, and Fin was back to his fashionably rumpled looking self. His vision suffered slightly for it, but honestly, he didn't mind right now. He was sure Felix and Shannon were both much easier to converse with when you weren't fixating on how attractive and put together they both were.

"I'm just sorry this is how we're meeting again, Shannon. It's been forever since I saw you last," he added, dusting himself off one last time to be sure his magic had done its job, before daring to step deeper into the flat.

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Magic portals and other worlds? The news was not doing anything to lessen Shannon's temper. "Now that you mention it, I do think I saw something on Twitter," he said, taking a seat next to Felix on the couch. If he sat a little closer than he usually did when entertaining he didn't notice. "I thought they were referring to one of those video games, and since I didn't hear any more about it I saw no reason to find out more."

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"That's a worry," Fin frowned, sitting as far from the pair as he could without coming off as thoroughly awkward. "There wasn't anyone else where we wound up, as far as I could tell- Well, not unless you count a very pretty and smash-happy robot that is. Could mean these portals were opening to multiple worlds and dimensions, perhaps even targeting specific people. I mean, that place seemed frightfully keen on..."

The young fae paused, then trailed off, realising he might be sharing more than Felix would like him to.

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Shannon did not appreciate Fin's rambling. Multiple worlds? Robots? He was about to ask for a cohesive story when Felix began one, yet it was just as inconceivable as Fin's. He held up a hand to pause Felix's account.

He decided to focus on the detail he could get his head around first. "You went through a portal - you'll have to explain to me how that happened - and ended up in a world that wanted to drain you of your magic? How is that possible?"

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"Magic sort of defies possible, in my experience. Or, you know, what non-magic folks perceive as possible. ...I can say that by the way, being formally of the non-magic variety myself," he added, not wanting to seem dismissive of those who weren't 'gifted', or whatever anyone wanted to call it.

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Perhaps he may not know about all types of magic, but the look Shannon gave Fin clearly stated that he wasn't one of the run of the mill 'non-magic folk', whether he had magic or not.

"Everyone wants you Felix," Shannon said. The tease helped to prepare him for the next part of Felix's story. He took a deep breath. "Tell me about the automaton."

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There was something about that look Shannon gave him that took Fin full circle from intimidated and out of his depth, to mildly perturbed by this whole situation. He was a prince, why was he sitting here feeling less than and intimidated? Bugger that nonsense.

"I can tell you it wanted to smash Felix's pretty skull in," the fae replied breezily. "And mine, I suppose, by proxy."

Fed up with watching the pair of them, Finlay placed his drink on the nearest flat surface and got to his feet to have a good look around. Where earlier he'd seemed unsure of himself, now his confidence had returned in full, and he wandered the space like a tourist in the most quaint and specific museum ever.

"The train was much more interesting, I think. The old words printed on them, the odd names. I'd assumed we had to be on The Other Side, at first. There are doorways all over London that can take you there if you look for them you know. I've strolled through several myself- They like me. I've had them pop up in the flat, or behind random doors. I've never had one just swallow me up like that though, and there aren't trains in the fae lands. Pippa and myself excluded, I'm yet to meet a fae or fae creature that doesn't hate them. ...Though-"

Fin paused a beat, then frowned to himself as he cocked his head thoughtfully to the side.

"You know, there could actually be one where the wizards are. It was forever ago now, but I'd swear that Winter knew what a train was when he first got here. That honestly might be worth looking into, down the road."

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Who told someone that some strange force wanted to smash their lover's head in? Shannon narrowed his eyes, anger distracting him from the fantastic tale for Felix and Fin were weaving. He didn't care if Fin had saved the day. "Did you inherit tactlessness and rambling with your magic or was that yours from the beginning?" he asked Fin.

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"All mine since birth," Fin replied cheerfully.

How different this Shannon was from the man he'd seen before. How differently he made Felix behave. ...Fin didn't like it. He didn't like watching Felix try and pacify and appease someone- It felt so wrong to him. Though, of course, that was based purely on his relationship with Felix.

"I can't help but feel it's not my rambling or tact that has your knickers in a twist, Shannon. I think you're upset about something else."

His gaze flickered to Felix, pointedly, but quickly returned to Shannon. Honestly though, Fin was pretty sure Felix would sooner shag a cactus than frolic with him.

"If I've overstayed my welcome though, I'll be off. ...Always leave them wanting more, right?"

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It was no wonder Shannon had never liked Fin. Now that he was magical he'd only gotten more irritating.

"I wouldn't put that much pressure on myself if I were you," he said. "You won't find anyone wanting you here."

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Fin looked at Shannon for a long moment, then rolled his eyes. Whatever, he wasn't here to impress Shannon, or anyone for that matter.

Making his way over to Felix, he reached to touch his arm, then stopped himself. Not for Shannon's sake, but Felix's. It was in Fin's nature to be tactile, but he did try and remember not to be so forward with Felix. He didn't enjoy making the other man uneasy.

"Do me a favour, would you? If you see any more of those portals, let me know? I feel like this is something worth keeping tabs on. ...And should one come for you again- Well, it would help to have as much information as we all can gather. Myself, Sunny, Will... All of us. If that place really wants you, Felix, if it really wants to hurt you- Then we need to be prepared."

He glanced at Shannon again, then sighed. "For now I better be off. Suppose I needn't offer you both tickets to my summer show, hmm?" he quipped, chatty as ever as he headed for the door.

"Have a good evening, Felix. ...Shannon," he added, offering a nod that wasn't quite as polite as usual.

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Shannon simmered in his anger until the door had fully closed behind Fin. He wasn't prone to physical violence, but he flexed his fingers as if he would make an exception just this once.

Powers, Shannon would have preferred to spend an evening in Robin's company than Fin's. He disliked Robin, but at least the man was tolerable.

"If that man ever touches you again I'll have him flayed alive." He turned to Felix and added, "If you ever let him I'll never forgive you." The thought of Fin laying even a finger on Felix make him see red. If Felix ever allowed more... Shannon shuddered. He'd make his lover bathe in bleach afterward. He knew they had some. The maid used it to clean the bathroom.
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