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When Felix was caught immobile in his research and his work, unable to progress, the words of magic and history and philosophy tangled up hopelessly, meaninglessly, before his eyes and in his mind. His usual refuge, the Cabaline libraries, became quickly useless to him, only further sinking his thoughts in the quagmire of words. The books, the scrolls, and the disapproval of his colleagues did nothing to open his mind, so Felix escaped, and went to a place where words did not reign.

The Museum was already a frequent haunt, but today he turned in a different direction than the archives, and stalked in among the paintings and sculptures from bygone days. Modern art meant nothing to him. Art without historical context, without story, without the echo of years impacted by its existence, carried no weight. Felix kept to the classics.

His violet velvet trousers and subtly patterned shirt were muted and bound together by a rust-colored waistcoat and lightweight silk scarf in warm tones, highlighted by touches of purpose. He did not dress, nor carry himself, like a man who liked to be ignored, but in the middle of a weekday, the Gallery was quiet. There were few to stare.

However, when Felix entered an unfamiliar room, he was the one who stopped to stare. Somehow, impossibly, he had seen... he had met... the green-eyed man spread beautifully in a field of flowers, framed in a painting at least five hundred years old.

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Robin's collection of suits was extensive, varied, and worth more than most people's homes. And though typically he didn't really require clothing to draw more attention to himself than he did simply by virtue of being Robin, today he was blessing the world with a vision of electric robin's egg blue. In Italian wool, of course. And tailored into an inch of its life because the world also deserved to be blessed with the best possible view of Robin's magnificent ass.

And to be fair maybe it wasn't the best idea to draw so much attention to himself when he was coming by to check out what he'd heard was a new addition to the museum, on loan from a private collector (who was not, actually, Robin himself, though he'd try to buy the painting before). He liked this one. Most of the evidence of his time as an artist's model over the years was lost to time or kept far from public consumption, but this one...

He slipped his hands into his pockets, and had a look. Just as he remembered it. Though still not to scale.

It was only by happy accident that another familiar face was there. The gorgeous wizard with the equally gorgeous yet obnoxiously jealous boyfriend. Now there was a couple that deserved to be put onto canvas. Ideally naked. Though Robin would settle for some pictures on his cell phone.

"What do you think?" he asked casually, from behind him.

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And Robin's long exercise in self control kept him looking entirely neutral in response to this, before an innocent smile spread on his face. "What, the painting?" He glanced over at it. "Beautiful work, don't you think? I like the play of light and shadow. And the colors. You just don't see flowers like that anymore."

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"I wanted to see it," Robin said with a little shrug, not indicating which of these theories was true. "Besides." He smiled. "You know very well that no one would possibly think this was actually me. He does look quite a lot like me though, doesn't he?"

Then he turned his attention more fully towards Felix and said, a smirk lighting on his lips, "It's not quite to scale, actually."

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"No, but I've had a very long time to become familiar with my own proportions," Robin said with a grin.

When they'd made, he'd made no secret of the fact that he wasn't human, though it had all been implied and he wasn't sure if Felix had believed the implications. He'd assumed that a wizard would be familiar, if not with pucks, then perhaps the fae or their ilk. Though he knew well enough that wizards were not one size fits all, and the Cabalines in particular were rather... self contained.

"But what do you think of it?" he asked. "The painting. Good art should make you feel. What does it make you feel?"

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Robin laughed at that, sounding rather delighted by the answer. "Oh, it always is," he assured Felix. And if no one had died during any of it, then Robin had certainly caused much worse.

"I suppose now is the time when I generally give the lecture about how monogamy is a biological oxymoron," Robin sighed. "But I'm guessing you know that. I won't bore you." He looked up at the painting again, and then at the placard with the name of the painter. "He was very talented. And would have agreed with me about the monogamy bit."

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"I have an enormous amount of self discipline," Robin said smoothly. "But I do not exercise that discipline to agree to social contracts that are largely a result of insecurity." Then he added, placatingly, "But he's very pretty, kitten. Almost as pretty as you." Honestly, Robin rather liked blondes, but Robin also liked pretty much everything.

He looked up at the painting again and added, "And I am awfully concerned about society. Trust me, if I were off the market there would be a mourning period." He'd probably have to have condolence cards printed up.

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Robin chuckled. "I know that at least some of them know, or have known. All the Cabalines would have had to have been living under a rock not to have come across a puck at some point in their history, though to be fair, we're rather few and far apart these days. When's the last time I had a conversation with one of your number? It's hard to say, could have been ten years, or maybe a hundred. Now, be a dear and tell me I look good for my age."

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"Why thank you," Robin said pleasantly. "Tell me, did someone do an artist's sketch for your text? Because I enjoy the thought of being in a Cabaline textbook. What does it say about us? Beware of puck?" He grinned.

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"I have never had horns," Robin said with a roll of his eyes. "Nor hooves, no matter what Shakespeare would have the world believe. Honestly, a brief flirtation with the fashion of fur chaps centuries ago..."

But then he leaned in just a little, closer to Felix. "But as to the first bit, I will tell you something important, beautiful wizard. There is not just one puck, and generally harmless is only accurate for me so far as my intentions go. There are others whose intentions are not so pure, and you would do well to be wary of them."

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Robin laughed. "I never said pure, pet." Then he smiled, all gleaming teeth. "If you're very worried, I can tell you that none of them kiss like me."

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Robin only smiled at him. "I don't believe you for a second," he said. "But your self restraint is admirable. Now." He pulled his phone out of his pocket and checked the time. "I'm afraid that as much as I'd like to continue attempting to lure you into my parlor, little fly, I have a business appointment. But somehow, I think we'll meet again."

His smile widened. "Enjoy the painting."

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Robin laughed (and that echoed as well), and threw a hand up over his shoulder as he walked away. "Make sure you bring him to see the painting then too, pet."


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