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When Felix had arranged a meeting with Miss Ives -- Vanessa -- he had no inkling that his life would have turned so thoroughly upside-down. Nearly everything he owned remained (as far as he knew) back at the apartment he had shared with Shannon. He was alone, subsisting on room service and Cabal-issued credit cards, in a hotel barely two blocks from Vanessa's residence at the Midland Grand. When his phone had reminded him of the appointment, he'd stared stupidly at it for five full minutes before deciding to dress and attend. What else was he going to do, after all?

At the appointed time, Felix was at her door, dressed as impeccably as ever in pressed trousers, shirt and waistcoat, only slightly more casually than he dressed for work or social events. Felix did nothing by halves -- not even private appointments with ladies he thought he might call friend.

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Some might have wondered if Vanessa, when she was at home, reverted to wearing casual outfits, perhaps even jeans. Some might have been very wrong to. When she opened the door to her two-bedroom flat, Vanessa was dressed as conservatively as usual - when she wasn't attending a specific soirée, that was. Black slacks and a simple purple turtleneck composed her outfit that day, hair pulled back in a tight bun, make-up barely present on her eyes, mostly there to hide the dark circles underneath them.

She greeted Mr Harrowgate - Felix - with a genuine, if small, smile, hopeful to find a distraction from her mind in his. It was ever so sharp, after all, and their conversations had never failed to stimulate.

The flat he walked into seemed just as Victorian as the building it stood in, from the choices in wallpapers or drapes down to the furniture, most of which were gems found in various English flea markets. Vanessa led him to the lounge and gestured for him to take a seat on the settee upholstered in dark blue fabric, or any of the matching armchairs surrounding the wooden coffee table.

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"I shall take that as the profoundly astute compliment it is," Vanessa warned him as she came to sit on the couch, something of her natural playfulness in her voice, for all that her smile remained small. They tended to be, even on her best day, unless someone had truly earned anything more expressive.

There were, of course, signs of modernity here and there. A smartphone set on a chest of drawers, a shelf of more modern editions under the two or three shelves of Victorian tomes, a closed laptop set on a small table to the back of the room.

But at least there was no television.

"Tea?" she offered, reaching for the pot set on a tray between them to, at least, pour herself a cup, and hopefully him as well. The cups themselves were old china, working perfectly with the atmosphere of the room. "I find that it improves most things - including stimulating conversation."

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"I secured this flat for myself before I was hired at the Museum," Vanessa answered as she poured herself a cup as well. A sugar bowl and a small tray of lemon slices were in evidence on the table, ideally situated for Felix to help himself should he so desire, but there was no creamer. Vanessa did not believe in cream - at least, not in tea or coffee.

"I'd just come into my parents' inheritance, and this building - how could I resist," she explained with a slight quirk of her lips. She certainly did not need to explain to Felix the appeal she found in its architecture. They had discussed such things enough for him to have sussed out that much - and more beside - about Vanessa. "Being able to walk to work every day is further proof that I chose my lodging well."

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"I'm glad to have been of service," Vanessa replied honestly, without adding anything to her own tea. She picked up the cup, saucer set in the palm of her hand, so that she might sit up properly. "Did he not find any way to refute your postulate?"

She took a first sip, glad to find that the beverage had cooled enough not to scald. Perfect. She would have hated to receive Felix in less than a perfect manner.

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"There is hope yet for the poor man, if he wasn't too intractable as to admit your point," Vanessa remarked with a hint of a smile. That feeling was there again, the one she often experienced around Felix, of something on the tip of her tongue, something obvious she could not quite grasp.

She took a cautious sip of her tea, then asked, "Do you believe in fortune-telling, Felix?"

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Quite on the contrary. Felix's conclusion had the corner of her lips twitch up into an amused smile. Not only did she never mind words, when they were as artfully wielded as always with Felix, but the point he made... Too many people turned to tarot for answers, when it for the most part just allowed them to unlock the answers from within themselves.

For the most part.

"It sounds as if tarot were made for you," Vanessa stated, approval mixed with her usual distantly playful warmth. "Would you like to give it a try?"

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"If there is anything about you that I might find dull, I am glad to say that I have not seen any sight of it yet," Vanessa assured him as she set her cup down on the table, then stood, gesturing for him to follow her to the table in the corner of the room. He was free to bring his tea along, of course, but she hadn't wanted to bother with hers.

Her deck waited on the otherwise empty table, face down, the skeletons facing each other on the back of the otherwise unmarked purple cards making it clear that it was not one of the more usual ones.

"Please take a seat," she invited Felix, with a gesture at the chair on the other side of the medium-sized round table, before she did so herself, reaching for her deck.
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"If you wish," Vanessa confirmed easily, her hands mechanically shuffling the cards with the sort of ease only long hours of practice could bring. "Or it can simply be a general reading. I've found that the cards will reveal what they want either way. A question can help as much as it can hinder, so if you do think of one, I'd rather not know it."

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Vanessa placed the properly shuffled deck of cards in the middle of the table. "Then please cut this for me. While thinking of your question, if you have one."

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"Thank you," Vanessa told him as she reached for the cards and brought the previously bottom half on top of the other, bringing them back to her.

"This is a fairly simple spread," she said, as she took the first card to place it in front of her. "The first card is for the past." The Tower. The spider hanging over the woman, weaving her hair. "The second for the present." The Nine of swords. Nine swords planted in the curled body of a rat. "The third for what might influence the situation." The Five of cups. Five cups emptying themselves around a cloaked figure. "The fourth for counsel." Temperance. The lizard winding its way around a woman's willing leg. "And the fifth for the outcome." Judgement. A bird of prey poised on top of a man's chest, wings slightly spread.

Vanessa surveyed the spread for a moment, then directed her sharp gaze on Felix. "The right truth can shake someone's entire world, when revealed."

She could not bring herself to call any truth the wrong one, no matter how clearly negative its short-term impact.

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Vanessa usually spent most of her time figuring people out. With most of them, she did it without even trying, finding them utterly transparent. Some were more of a challenge, however, and Felix was one of them. So it might have come as a surprise that now that she could have read more into him than before, her focus remained with the tarot. The reading was at the forefront of her mind just then, and would not budge.

"Lies are unwoven, to leave only the truth," Vanessa confirmed, looking back down at the spread. "Never an easy card, but the outcome -" But she was getting ahead of herself, as she often did when reading. "We'll get to that. The Nine of swords is about anxiety. Nightmares - and the possibility of waking up from such terrible dreams." She did not need to focus on Felix to know that he was in the claws of such anxieties; the cards said so. "The Five of cups only strengthens the need to wake up. You are focusing over what has been lost to that truth, rather than what remains."

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"Lies are never wielded to hide 'nothing', Felix," Vanessa chided him, feeling the steady beat of her heart drawing her back to the spread even as she spoke. There was no use arguing for now, not until she was done.

Her fingers reached out to caress the edge of the next card. "Temperance, as counsel," she gave in, and continued. "What might seem irreconcilable can in fact be combined. No sacrifice is needed, but a touch of alchemy. Persevere, and you will reach -" She pulled her hand back and focused on the last card. "Judgement. Facing one's past and accepting it." She looked up at Felix, feeling the truth of her words in the way they demanded to be said. "Forgiveness for one's trespasses. It's a card of decision, and change. You hold the keys to your own forgiveness."

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"Is that truly relevant?" Vanessa asked with curiously raised eyebrows, after feeling that pounding demand inside her recede, now that the reading was done. The tension in her lungs eased and her whole focus returned to Felix, her gaze as sharp as ever.

She could have told him that she was never wrong, when a reading felt like this one had, and more of them tended to than not. But why would he believe her?

Whether or not she believed in redemption was another matter altogether. The cross hanging on the wall opposite them was part of the story behind that, but it was not one she intended to divulge.

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