for Alcuin

Jan. 22nd, 2016 08:07 pm
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Meet me for a drink after work, darling?

The text pinged Alcuin's phone mid-afternoon that Friday, in just enough time to be considerate of any other plans the young man might have, accompanied by a GPS link indicating a trendy martini bar not too far from the University Felix knew Alcuin attended. Felix was going there regardless, but having Alcuin to talk with and gaze at would greatly enhance his happy hour.

He was still dressed from work when he arrived at the bar -- The Mirador Agency did not observe casual Fridays -- in his adored mixed-media jacket and pinstripe trousers. Felix quickly secured a high-top table with two spindly modern chairs, dropped his satchel in one, and settled himself in the other to see if Alcuin would take him up on his invitation.

for Alcuin

Sep. 12th, 2015 09:44 am
harrowgate: (foxy)
Felix arrived perhaps slightly less-than-promptly at Alcuin's flat for their scheduled date to have dinner and peruse Alcuin's library. He had told Shannon simply that he was going out that evening, and had suggested one of Shannon's other friends -- with whom Felix did not get along well -- phone him for amusement that same night. That left Felix quite free to enjoy this time alone with his sweet friend.

He dressed very casually, but even his denim jeans were washed in a dark sand color and imprinted with faint swirling designs, and his shirt with the sleeves rolled up was beautifully patterned in emerald and rust. Felix simply did not do casual very well.

Ready with a smile when Alcuin answered his knock, Felix proffered a bottle of wine he'd procured on the recommendation of a sommelier who supplied Cabal soirees. "Good evening, darling. I know I'm late; you'll forgive me, won't you?"


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