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The door to the flat unlocked and opened without a touch like all the rest, opening onto a small vestibule that broadened into the living area. Felix's library, a dining area, and a kitchen that looked too pristine to be often used were just visible from the front door. Clearly the residents here preferred modern and comfortable to plush and ostentatious, but everything in the flat was doubtless expensive.

"As is anyone's life, I presume," Felix answered Fin as they came inside. Then he called, sounding a little strained, "Shannon? Are you home? I've got Fin with me."

It was early for Felix to have returned from work, though much later than when he and Finlay had stumbled through the portal that day. He sounded tired, like he'd been shouting, and seemed not fully aware that there were grass stains on his trousers and a few tiny leaves still clinging to his shirt and hair.


Aug. 30th, 2016 07:53 pm
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After supper that evening, a perfectly innocuous and unremarkable Tuesday, Felix had slipped away when Shannon's back was turned. Nothing in his conversation that night had even hinted at the surprise he intended for later. If Shannon didn't enjoy it as much as Felix suspected he would, he wanted Shannon to be able to say 'no' easily.

Though he doubted that his lover would.

A faint, warm candlelight spilled out the half-open bedroom door onto the hall floor, leaving a hint as to where Felix had disappeared. Within, Felix stretched out on the bed, quite naked, his long red curls spilling over one shoulder as he rested on his side. A very few candles were lit around the room, but perhaps more interesting were the unlit tapers on the bed with him, deeply colored in hues he knew Shannon liked: deep blue, violet, gold, and ivory. In one hand, he toyed with something silvery-metallic in a sort of egg shape, turning it between his hands as he waited for Shannon to find him.


Jan. 25th, 2016 01:51 pm
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Felix came home rather later than expected, even for a night when he and Shannon had separate plans. He doubted very much that he could escape the fate of meeting a very annoyed Teverius waiting expectantly for him at the apartment, even if he was hale and whole.

He wasn't. His mouth had mostly stopped bleeding, at last, but his handkerchief looked like a horror film prop, and a steady blue-purple-green blotch was forming at the left corner of his mouth. It was starting to hurt through the numbing effect of the drinks he'd had. Felix had strolled through the building with blood on his shirt and a decidedly ugly injury to his face, and if his neighbors and the staff could deal with it, then he was certain Shannon could do, as well.

He hoped.

Felix dabbed at the corner of his lips once more with the handkerchief as he unlocked the front door and stepped inside. "Shannon?" he called, a bit lopsidedly, but hopeful. "Are you home?"


Nov. 1st, 2015 12:44 pm
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Felix had been missing since leaving work on the evening of October 31. His phone went to voice mail, texts went unanswered, and he did not return home to the flat. While it was not entirely unusual for Felix to absent himself from all contact for awhile (typically while buried in the Mirador's Archive reading something he couldn't put down), this time turned out to be markedly different.

Early in the morning on November the first, the front door of Felix and Shannon's flat rattled once, then burst open with a muffled crack. Felix spilled through the door and slammed it shut, leaving a faint trail of smoke in his wake. The smoke was spilling from the mangled, melted and ruined front door knob, which Felix had all but exploded with a burst of magic when the locked door had first presented itself in his own personal nightmare.

Panting, ragged, filthy, Felix stared at the tidy and welcoming entry of his own flat, wide-eyed. Somewhere he had lost his shoes, his jacket, and any decorative accoutrement, and stood barefoot dressed in the ruins of his shirt and trousers which he'd worn to work the previous day. He shivered, and clung to the door, trembling and half-disbelieving that he truly was home.

"Sh... Shannon?" he croaked, barely above a whisper


Apr. 30th, 2015 04:10 pm
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Now that they were living apart, it seemed to Felix that he did much more with Shannon than he ever had while living together. About once a week, sometimes more frequently, one would suggest an outing to the other, and they would try some new restaurant, take in a performance, or discover some place new together. It was this newness that kept Felix curious and interested, wondering at what Shannon might try next. The time they spent living together seemed strangely quaint and prosaic now, a distant miasma of the same few wine bars, restaurants, and parties. Now, they ignored most of the friends they had made as a couple, and spent time only on one another.

Felix preferred this immensely. Alone with Shannon, he caught glimpses of that strange, indefinable thing he had been seeking ever since the two of them had agreed to try honesty in their relationship. Each tempting taste kept him coming back for more.

They toured the Royal Academy of Arts today, keeping mostly to the classic collections as was the preference of both, staying out of the way of school groups and tours. Felix lingered before a painting of Thor battling the Midgard Serpent, a glance at the subtle explanation plate nearby recalling the story to mind. "Very different from the modern interpretation of the god of thunder, isn't he," Felix mused while studying the painting.

for Shannon

Mar. 9th, 2015 08:18 pm
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Six weeks had passed since Felix had last sought Shannon's contact entry in his phone. Six weeks since he'd walked out of their apartment, leaving behind almost everything he owned. Six weeks since the truth of his past had torn apart the facade of his present.

Six weeks since he'd seen or spoken to Shannon at all.

I'm on my way to collect my things. I will be there in 15 minutes.

His text to Shannon was brief and perfunctory, and painfully exact. Precisely fifteen minutes after he had tapped the send button, Felix was at the door of the apartment he had shared with Shannon for such an excruciatingly short time. His keys were halfway out of his pocket before he realized that Shannon might have changed the locks. He stopped, hesitated, almost turned around and left.

Then he knocked, three sharp raps on the door.


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